How to uninstall chromium?

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How to uninstall chromium?

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Chromium is that the common name of the engine that a lot of browsers are supported , including the favored Google Chrome. As an open-source project, it are often modified in any way and by anyone. Knowing this, hackers release their own versions of the browser, which are often used for advertising purposes. So, if you've got never installed ?Chromium, but it appeared on its own, then you're handling an unwanted version of the program. it's a politician website, the browser can't be downloaded from there. Chromium are often seen promoted by ads placed on different download sources. Nevertheless, Chromium is seldom installed independently. the simplest and modern way of removing pop-ups, trojans, ransomware, or other viruses is to use automatic removal tools. you'll attempt to remove Chromium manually. For uninstalling Chromium virus remove it from instrument panel , then delete all files and registry keys. Chromium might not have the app related to it in Applications. However, we recommend you to examine the list of installed applications and take away unknown or suspicious ones.

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