How to choose a cost-effective dishwasher?

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How to choose a cost-effective dishwasher?

Сообщение LilBeastll » 03 июн 2021, 11:30

Just last month, the dishwasher that had been serving me for three years had some malfunctions, which made it impossible to use it normally. So I had to choose a better dishwasher. I browsed a lot of information on how to choose a dishwasher correctly on the Internet, and compared the differences between different brands horizontally and vertically. When I was hesitant and unable to make a final decision, I happened to see a mini dishwasher that is very suitable for me. After nearly a month of use, I like this dishwasher more and more. I am happy to have such a dishwasher.
To buy a dishwasher that suits you, you need to consider the following factors:
1. How to choose a dishwasher size
First of all, you have to clarify the structure of your kitchen and determine whether it can fit a compact dishwasher or a standard dishwasher. The compact type is about 18 inches, suitable for small spaces. The standard type is about 24 inches, suitable for ordinary household use.
Secondly, we must choose according to our own needs. If you live alone or with one or two friends, a mini dishwasher is enough. If the family has more than three people, I suggest you buy a larger one. Because I live with my boyfriend, for us, this mini version is very suitable for us and our kitchen.
2. Clarify all the functions of the dishwasher
Generally speaking, countertop dishwasher have washing, drying and sterilization functions. In addition, the dishwasher I bought has an air circulation system to ensure that there will be no peculiar smell inside the dishwasher. It is worth mentioning that the dishwasher I bought is detergent-free, it uses high temperature water up to 70 degrees, and the cleaning effect reaches Class A.
3. Check the material of the dishwasher
Stainless steel and plastic are the two most common dishwasher materials. The advantage of stainless steel is that it has better heat transfer, shorter drying time for tableware and less odor. But stainless steel is also more expensive. For me, who is pursuing cost-effectiveness, the dishwasher I bought uses environmentally friendly materials.
4. The maximum noise of the dishwasher
When buying a portable dishwasher, noise is also a key factor to consider, and the noise is best to be tolerable. The higher the price of the dishwasher, the lower the noise. But this dishwasher I bought has very low noise in a dishwasher of the same price, and I am also satisfied.
5. Control Panel
The control panel of the dishwasher is preferably simple and easy to operate.
6. Service life
When buying a best dishwasher, pay attention to the quality of the dishwasher's motor, and whether the merchant promises to maintain it.
If you plan to or are buying a mini dishwasher, I hope my article can be helpful to you. At the same time, I also highly recommend this cost-effective mini dishwasher I bought.

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