When searching around Gielinor players

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When searching around Gielinor players

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When searching around Gielinor players can find ensouled monster heads. Those can be brought to Dark Altar where they may be revived using Arceuus magic. Animated monsters may be redeemed for RS gold prayer experience. Overall this method is cheaper than sacrificing bones in Altars but slower at precisely the exact same time. It does give pretty decent experience so if you would like to save money whilst training your prayer it is unquestionably one of the better ways besides Ectofuntus. It is also worth noting that ensouled heads could be stored in rune pouch resulting in additional inventory spaces. If you wish to use this method follow these measures:

1. Gear up for combat as you'll be fighting reanimated monsters. Purchase or choose from the bank ensouled heads, dramen or lunar staff, food and any potions you may need as well as runes that you will use to reanimate spirits. 2. In case you have Rejuvenation Pool and Fairy Ring in your home take house teleport tablets and cheap RuneScape gold should not take Amulet of Glory. 3. 4. Whenever you are near the Altar reanimate heads and kill monsters that you've spawned. 5. Utilize home pill to heal if you have Rejuvenation Pool and if not utilize Amulet of glory to access the lender in Edgeville. 6. Repeat the process

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