How to Cancel Jetblue Flight

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How to Cancel Jetblue Flight

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Dial +1-800-305-6427 If you are calling directly, you must have your confirmation number or customer name along with the credit card number used -for booking.
If the changes were made online, you should have your confirmation number, last name, credit card number, details about the origin cities' destination cities.
If you have booked an airline ticket through a travel agency, you can change it online. To change your reservation, click on the "My Tips" tab on JetBlue's website.
    Go to JetBlue Home
    Log in to your JetBlue account.
    After entering, click on "My Directions", then choose "Manage Flights".
    Choose which flight you want to cancel.
    And finally, it is really easy to cancel flights with JetBlue.
These are canceled Jetblue flight processes and procedures that are quite simple and easy to follow. Don't forget to return the refund policy to get an answer to your question about how to cancel my JetBlue flight.

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