Bee control

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Bee control

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Smoke is used in the process of getting rid of bees by burning a group of leaves and wood below the place where the hive is located, if the smoke will cause the bees to escape from the hive without killing them, and if it is confirmed that the hive is free of bees, the hive must be removed from its place with the need to be careful, and it is recommended to do So during the night hours; Because the movement of bees is slow during this time, and their level of vision is low

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Transfer the beehive
In the event that the beehive is outside or underground, there is no need to move it from its place, but if it is located in close places such as shrubs, roofs of houses, and trees, it is possible to communicate with bee farmers or local pest control centers who will work to collect the swarm of bees and move them to another place

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Commercial insecticides
Some species of bees build their homes in the soil, which makes it disturbing to be around the house, and in this case insecticides can be used to get rid of them, and this step will also contribute to eliminating worms and other insects inside the soil if they come into contact with them, and take into account the use of pesticides during the night hours, and wear The bee suit To avoid stings, use the red lamp to search for the location of bee homes without causing fear to adult bees, and start spraying insecticides inside the nest as shown on the package

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Usually, the instructions for use include leaving a sufficient distance between the face and the place of spraying the pesticides, directing the nozzle towards the bees' homes and covering them well. To prevent bees from entering through it, and the custom-made suits can be searched through online online stores that provide a service of selling bee suits at a small cost.

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