Interesting question I found on the Runescape website

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Interesting question I found on the Runescape website

Сообщение Dingbest » 05 окт 2020, 09:48

They brag about the rune moderate helmets that they've got as drops. I have gotten a rune medium helm from OSRS gold a Lesser Demon drop, but I wouldn't pick the level 82 Lesser Demons as giving the best F2P drops. Ankous drop law runes; noted mithril ore; adamant arrows; noticed rune essence; black robes; left handed half (for the sceptre); coins and bones.

No rune medium helm, but by far the best loot as time passes. Rune thing drops from Lesser Demons (or cockroach soldiers) are rarely, whereas ankous regularly drop great items. As you may know, Jagex does plan to eventually launch all weapons and armour in Dragon eventually. This subject is merely to talk about what you believe they might look like, and what their particular attacks may be. First off, here is a listing of everything not released yet, concerning melee: Warhammer, Short Sword, Hasta,Kiteshield. Wow, that was a shorter list than I expected at first:box: Let me know if anything else is lost.

I think that the war-hammer is going to be released alongside a brand new Dwarf or possibly Fremmenik pursuit or area. Its unique attack would be something useful in PvP scenarios such as Clan Wars or even Bounty worlds. My reason for that is that plate armour is poorer to crushing attacks, and also the war-hammer are the ultimate crush weapon. This would possibly be a weaker, non-degrading version of Statius's warhammer which could be used in PvM scenarios as well.

Short Sword.Here, we could assert that the leaf-bladed sword or Obsidian sword already exist, and both are strong contenders with this weapon. This would most likely be like the leaf-bladed sword, but it's a special attack. I'm not sure what its special would be, however. Hasta. This could definitely be published alongside some type of Barbarian/Fremennik related quest. Its special would be a piercing jab. It might use 50% or 100% of the special bar and do double damage. On small goals, it would pierce through and hit anything behind the very first goal. On bigger targets, it'd hit double, and also the first hit will do double damage. The next hit would always hit half damage of Old School RuneScape Gold the very first hit. Kiteshield. Not certain if that has a real purpose, as we have the DFS, and the a variety of Spirit shields. Likely only a strong, non-degradable guard worn as a indication of wealth?

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