How modern raids are sooooo easy in comparison

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How modern raids are sooooo easy in comparison

Сообщение OSRSgoldgame » 10 июл 2020, 05:25

Mate talents will also be 1.12. Some casual guilds broke up wow gold with firemaw over BWL. AQ40 is a totally different raid and even though my pserver experience was harder, mechanics on a fight like c'thun where you have to walk into the boss struggle room at the same time and spread all 40 members out so without 1 person really messing this up. If you do not it will probs wipe out the raid cause of a laser that he shoots that does big dmg and chains into a person if you're close enough. It can literally string over the raid and using a struggle as long as it is healers will eventually show themselves in AQ40.

Yes the health and dmg is def down from pservers (along with no progressive itemization) but sure boss mechanisms are still only gont wipe guilds who aren't organized enough. It will be steamrolled by guilds like Progress however they're the minority. Idk why folks are taking a look at top guilds completing stuff, typical player on WOW Classic is not good. That is the thing that's come out of WOW Classic. Now people can shut up around WOW Classic being"soooooo much more difficult" and how modern raids are sooooo easy in comparison.

They shouldn't have had an excuse before WOW Classic was released. It is not difficult to google Ragnaros kill movies from original vanilla, and determine just how many people were literally standing still the entire fight, spamming a single skill. That's it. Stand mash one button until supervisor is dead. Unbelievable mechanics for the end boss. It's baffling how folks kept arguing that vanilla raids were much tougher than raids that are modern.

This. WOW Classic certainly has a few highpoints, but raiding and problem is not it. The"hard" levelling is just some extra tedium. Instead of grabbing 3 mobs at once like in retail, you merely grab 2 at once and between every pull you drink in addition. When you pull on a lot of mobs? You are dead in both retail and WOW Classic. Difficult raid were another myth, caused by imperfect and nostalgia memories. A lot of people remembered struggling with vanilla raid, while turning keyboard and having soul gear on warrior"because it will help regenerate wellbeing". WOW Classic community attempts to downplay it but there have been many people on r/WoW asserting how vanilla raids were difficult. Well, reality has arrived.

Yep, and I have been saying this all along. I am playing WOW Classic to buy classic gold and enjoying it, so I'm not a Retail fan saying WOW Classic stinks and Retail is amazing. I have played Retail in a few expansions. But it was plain as day to me that vanilla would not be the grueling experience a lot of people kept saying it had been, and was stupidly simple.

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